Tummy-Time Doesn’t Have to be So Hard!

You can help your baby learn to become more comfortable in tummy-time in a way that brings you to feel closer.  

In just 40 minutes you’ll get:

  • A proven, effective approach for tummy-time
  • No distraction techniques, no tummy-time pillows, no cry-it-out
  • A feeling of closeness as you work through the difficulty together
  • A new understanding of how to interact with your baby through touch

A lot of benefit in a short time!
In just under 40 minutes, you’ll learn to support your baby in learning to find true comfort in tummy-time and gain new confidence in your parenting, knowing that your touch made all the difference! Babies often respond to this approach with a new, clearly improved comfort level on their tummies in the first minutes of trying the course!

Proven Results!
A study conducted through Vassar College of my in-person classes which use a great majority of the same techniques found that babies stayed in tummy-time significantly longer after just one session, and showed a greater variety of movement patterns! The results of that study were published in the Journal of Infant Mental Health. * These results strongly contribute toward:

  • Supports healthy motor development
  • Promotes Sensory development
  • Enhances brain development
  • Reduces likelihood or severity of flat head syndrome and torticollis

Mirrors and pillows don’t work!
Almost all advice on tummy-time one can find online involves distraction or use of pillows or other props, which only work for babies who are just mildly uncomfortable. The TTT course focuses on finding true comfort through touch, rather than distraction. Tummy-Time pillows and props, do the work that your baby’s body should be doing, robbing them of much of the benefit of being in the position.

Join today, and in just 40 minutes, you’ll learn the techniques and interactions that will give your baby so many benefits and will bring you and your baby to feel closer than ever! $79 25% off Today!!!! $59

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! If your baby isn’t spending longer periods of time on their tummy after 14 days of using the Tummy-Time Together approach, contact us for a full refund.

In addition to the 40 min video:

Special Bonus #1:  Optional Videos to fine-tune your hands-on interaction and to answer frequently asked questions.  These videos take your learning a level deeper, and help you truly address not only your baby’s individual tummy-time struggles, but to support other learning beyond tummy-time.

Special Bonus #2:  The best way to understand what your baby is struggling with in tummy-time is to learn by doing!  This special bonus includes four optional parent-movement videos to deepen your understanding of your baby’s tummy-time challenges and feel more at ease in your own body!

Special Bonus #3: More To Celebrate!  This e-book, by Dan Rindler teaches you to identify and understand 25 “mini-milestones” with photos of each one. These are the stages of learning that aren’t included on the milestone chart in your baby-book, or app. The deeper understanding you gain of development through this book will open new doors for your baby, and will help you feel more confident and connected as a parent! 

Special Bonus #4: We Grow Together Songs and Illustrated E-Booklet. Time for a break from “wheels on the bus!”!  Expand your repertoire with these songs, as sung by Dan and Family, with an illustrated e-book complete with movement-interaction ideas for each song. 

Optional Add-onGet full attention for you and your baby – add a 3-pack of individual sessions with Dan at checkout.  Address tummy-time, torticollis, parent anxiety, misattunement, birth trauma, and more. 

Remember, all these bonuses are for you to view on your own time schedule. I know how busy you are as a new parent! The core program takes only 40 minutes from beginning to end, and gives you all the essentials you need to support your baby to learn happy, comfy, thriving tummy-time!
Ready to jump in?
$79 25% off Today!!!! $59

* Dan’s live in-person program, utilizing many of the same techniques taught in this video, was the subject of a research study sponsored by Vassar College. The results, showing improvement in tummy-time and pointing towards changes in parental confidence were published in the article, “Moving Towards Tummy-Time Together,” in the Journal of Infant Mental Health, Vol 40, Issue 2, Jan 2019.