Tummy Time Together Course

It doesn’t have to be so hard!

You can help your baby learn to become more comfortable in tummy-time in a way that brings you to feel closer.  

Video Program
A Three-day Video program, of 30-60 per minutes per day separated into short videos you can watch even during the shortest nap break!
Plus for a limited time: – a live private session with Dan on zoom for you and your baby!

  • 3 Informational Videos 
  • 4 Parent-Movement videos 
  • 5 Hands-on baby demonstration videos 
  • 1 practice video to use with your baby and remember each step 
  • For a limited time, this course includes a 30-minute consultation appointment, live on zoom with Dan Rindler, to fine-tune the program to your baby! (Must be scheduled within 4 weeks of purchase)

    Ready to jump in? Use the first button to access the full course, or if you’d like to test the waters first, use the second button for a free mini-class!

“What I came away with most, was confidence. I knew my early interactions affected him, but I had no idea how I could use touch to aid his development.”

* Dan’s live in-person program, utilizing many of the same techniques taught in this video, was the subject of a research study sponsored by Vassar College. The results showing improvement in tummy-time and pointing towards changes in parental confidence were published in the article, “Moving Towards Tummy-Time Together,” in the Journal of Infant Mental Health, Vol 40, Issue 2, Jan 2019.