Tune Up! (Developmental Touch+Movement and a Sing-along too!)

Stage: From cruising babies (Sideways walking) through preschoolers.

Use the pull-down menu to join for a specific date.  You’ll receive an email with a brief intake form (Required before attending class for the first time!) the zoom link, and a few other important details.  See you soon!



Jan 29, Feb 26, March 26
“Tune Up!” is my new drop-in on zoom which is part personalized group Feldenkrais consults and part sing-along, for walking babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

15 minutes singing and moving followed by Q&A on movement and development questions  and guided hands-on work for supporting development through touch.

    • Q+A portion will be a chance for parents to have questions answered about supporting development for babies who are beginning to take first steps, toddlers and young children. I’ll share ideas for hands-on touch and movement and give variations to apply to most age levels.

      Wondering about a specific issue with your child’s (motor) development?  You can even send a short (less than 1 min) video in advance and we’ll watch it together in class and talk about what I see and how you might shift your interaction with your child to help them expand and refine their movement options.


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