Become a more attuned and centered new parent for your baby, as you learn new ways to interact through touch. Arrange a package of private sessions or share the experience with a parent friend, as you each learn hands-on techniques to support the learning of new movement patterns, comfy tummy-time or other challenging positions, soothing, co-regulation, bonding and coordination of new movements (rolling, reaching, and more…).

Open to ALL pre-crawling babies age 5 weeks and up, including those w/ traumatic birth experiences or developmental concerns.

Book a 15 minute consultation call to decide if We Grow Together sessions are right for you.

Bonus Material with a package of sessions!
• Dan’s Development E-Book
• Music Download with Lyrics E-Book
• Tummy-Time Video Course!

“What I came away with most was confidence. I knew my early interactions affected him, but I had no idea how I could use physical touch to aid development” Amy Harris Duquette, Psychotherapist

“After our baby Zozie was born, she had colic, extreme nursing difficulties, GI/pulmonary concerns and torticollis. At 4 months, we learned she had low muscle tone, and were told that she’ll need therapy her whole life to build up enough strength to compensate for the low tone and to use her muscles well. Our days were filled with physical therapy (4x/week) and appointments with neurologists, geneticists, and other specialists. Every week, we also went to Dan’s baby Feldenkrais classes, called “We Grow Together.”, where it was great to be around other parents in a restful supportive space while helping our babies move and explore. At one point, I felt Feldenkrais was helping her more, the other appointments were wearing us out and keeping us from being at home together, and I all but cancelled everything but Feldenkrais. Zozie was making strides left and right, and my worries started to dissipate. Last month we had a follow-up with her geneticist to go over some test results and they were so impressed with her progress, they declared, “she no longer has low muscle tone.” (I didn’t even think this was possible.) 

If you only spend money on one baby-related thing, I highly recommend you join Dan’s classes. I’ve taken the classes since Z was a wee one. Our gratitude isn’t about her now meeting “milestones,” which we stopped caring about pretty early on. It stems more from the philosophy and approach in his classes, which is difficult for me to articulate and always sounds more reductive than the reality of my experience when I try to, but here’s an attempt.

Most other approaches emphasized  “where she should be,” and tried, with the best of intentions, to get her there (doing sit-ups to build her core, forcing her pelvis up in the air to make her lift her tummy, putting her in sitting so she would learn to not fall over). While I’m grateful for the strength that PT helped her build, in Feldenkrais, Dan emphasizes trying things together with the baby when the baby shows signs of wanting to make a certain motion, and seeing whether or not they’re interested in using that to help their movement, or not. With his keen eye he’d spot what a baby was thinking about doing or trying to do, and give us tools to help them in that baby-chosen pursuit in a way that respected both their minds and their bodies. In the end, this helped our baby move in such a rewarding way, setting her mind on something and then persisting on her own or with our gentle suggestions. She’d often try one thing after another with her body until she could make it happen. Then she would beam, clearly proud of herself, clearly in love with the feeling of that new motion.” Faye Hays, Designer, Artist