Home With A Crawler + Cruiser?

Social Distancing Support Blog #1

Most of us are staying home at the moment (and here in Brooklyn most are in very small apartments)! Here are some ideas for keeping your crawling, cruising, and/or walking baby busy and engaged at home, and hopefully to help you maintain at least an ounce more inner-calm!

Make cruising obstacle courses with chairs and sofa.  

Throw all the couch cushions on the floor and make more crawling obstacles.  

Get a big cardboard box that she can push around the apartment like a walker.  

Throw a blanket over the table and chairs and magical tent to play in.  

Make a tunnel out of dining room chairs.  

Fill some plastic bottles with water and seal them well. Your baby can try to pick up and move around (baby kettle bells!)  

Turn a big box on its side and put some special toys inside (or hang them from the top).

Get a collapsible tunnel or a fancy 4-way one on amazon that folds flat.  (Like this one)

Spend a bunch of money on Etsy and get a Pikler Triangle with some ramps and other attachments as well. (Or if you’re a good carpenter, make your own.)
You’ll get years of use out of it and it’s better than getting the other Etsy favorite – the rocker board which is great for toddlers and pre-schoolers).