“Dan taught us to use playtime as a collaborative bonding experience.”

“Dan is a wonderful, knowledgeable, kind and patient teacher who has taught us to use playtime as a collaborative bonding experience that encourages and supports our baby’s development. We have learned the positive impact of physical touch, not only as a way to build a deeper connection with our baby but also to help bring awareness to our baby of her physical self. 

As a new parent, I am often pressured by the milestone markers we read about and the different merchandise marketed to “help” your baby towards said milestones. Dan helped me understand how that can be a negative distraction from our time with our babies. I learned how to take a step back, not to hyper focus on baby hitting said milestone by said month, but instead, to tune into my baby’s individual personal physical journey – to recognize her movements and to understand how they contribute to those major milestones.

He has taught us so many touch and movement techniques that support and encourage her own physical journey as she grows. These hands on and collaborative exercises contribute to a deeper connection with our baby, unlike the passive experience that we would have had with baby seat or activity table marketed to “help” baby develop. In fact these seats, activity tables & jumpers are not only unnecessary and distracting, but can even have negative impacts on your child’s pace of development. 

I cannot recommend dan’s classes enough! Part music class, part exercises class and highly informative – they are so fun and beneficial for any parent, caretaker and baby. 

“This class is very unique and authentic, a real gem. My favorite class I’ve taken with my baby! I highly recommend it!”

“I have been taking Dan’s class weekly since my baby was less than 5 months old. He is now 9 months old and we have signed up for the next round! I was looking for a fun way to bond with my son while helping him to engage with the world in a joyful, physical, full-bodied way. Dan’s class provided this and so much more. 

Dan is a true expert in his field–it’s clear that he loves what he does and he does it really well. Early on, he helped guide me through a period of time when my son hated tummy time, offering very specific, playful, gentle moves that I could repeat at home to help coax the baby to spend more time in this challenging position. Dan let my baby lead the way, never pushing beyond where the little one was ready to go in any given moment. 

Dan gives amazing hands-on guidance that is specific to each baby. He is gentle, patient, kind and keenly observant. When my son started sitting and pivoting around, Dan noticed him favoring one side and showed me some things I could do with my son to encourage him to move his right hip in a different direction. Again, it was baby-led, gentle, and playful. 

I am confident that my son’s passionately exploring nature was stimulated, nurtured and developed in this class. And he enjoys it–my baby always looks so happy when he’s in class! He loves Dan’s beautiful live music and the new discoveries. In one class, he enjoyed playing with a scarf so much I thought he was going to pass out with excitement, so we bought a smaller one to play with at home. When I sing songs from class at home or engage in one of the little movement rituals, my son immediately calms down and looks up at me. Dan’s class continues to help us bond, even when we are at home. 

This class is very unique and authentic, a real gem. My favorite class I’ve taken with my baby! I highly recommend it!

“I learned many ways to engage with my baby”

Dan’s class was fun and educational!  Just as important, it got me out of the house during a vulnerable time when I was unsure of myself and inclined to stay home.  As a first-time mom, I had read a lot about pregnancy and childbirth but wasn’t sure how to interact with my baby during his early stages of development.  Dan’s classes energized me as I met and observed other new parents and learned many ways to engage with my baby through movement and songs that I really do enjoy singing.  Often my son was crabby, slept, or nursed during our scheduled class time, but I always brought the things I learned home for when he was awake and ready to play.  It was great for both of us!

“I was actually pretty amazed by how secure it made me feel”

We took the pre-crawlers class with Micaiah when he was about 10 weeks old. It was really really excellent. I knew there were things I should be encouraging him to do, and also knew there was probably a type of way I should be encouraging him, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t stressing him out or moving him in ways that weren’t helpful (or, contrary to natural body movement).

The class is short (45 minutes) to sustain his attention (and mine), got to meet some other great moms, and it really helped build my confidence to encourage his natural movement (and know when he needed a push in a certain direction). I was actually pretty amazed by how secure it made me feel at the end in terms of where he was developmentally and where we were headed in the future.