Dan Rindler, GCFP

Dan Rindler

Dan Rindler is the creator and teacher or We Grow Together. Dan is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (’06) and a certified Child’Space Method Practitioner(’09), having studied with the method’s originator, Dr. Chava Shelhav a former assistant to Dr. Feldenkrais. He has worked as a staff member at the Feldenkrais Institute of NYC, Melt Massage and Bodywork, and is currently in private practice in Park Slope at his studio: Brooklyn Feldenkrais. Dan co-taught the first NYC Child’Space professional training and has done additional studies with Dr. Ruella Frank, Founder of The Center for Somatic Studies and Developmental Somatic Psychology. His early background is in music and music education and he received his certification in the Kodály Method of music education from NYU in 1995. Dan created the We Grow Together program, which combines his own ideas with the influences of all of his training. Since starting his program in 2007, (first called “Roots + Wings Studio” and later “Child’Space NYC”) he estimates that he has worked with over 2500 babies and their caregivers!