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Your baby is learning so much through exploration, and you are a part of it with them! Join We Grow Together classes or private sessions to learn new ways of playing and interacting with your baby which support development. Help your baby to be comfortable and happy in tummy-time and other positions, improve feeding, self-soothing, and also address late milestones or other concerns. It’s not just your baby who is developing- the way you interact affects your relationship and you too, as you grow as a parent or caretaker.

Created and taught by Dan Rindler, We Grow Together evolved out of his popular child’space nyc program as Dan developed his approach to emphasize building relationship through touch. We Grow Together is based on more than a decade of experience in the Feldenkrais and Child’Space Methods and informed by Developmental Somatic Psychology.

Dan Rindler
Music is integrated into each session.

We grow together experience with Dan Rindler

We Grow Together classes, Brooklyn NY

Latest Testimonials

“I learned many ways to engage with my baby”

“Dan’s class was fun and educational! Just as important, it got me out of the house during a vulnerable time when I was unsure of myself and inclined to stay home. As a first-time mom, I had read a lot about pregnancy and childbirth but wasn’t sure how to interact with my baby during his early stages of development…”

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