Learn how your touch supports your baby’s development, helps you feel more centered and confident, and brings you both to feel even closer.

Are you new to Zoom classes for you and your baby? It’s easy and works great! You can ask questions, show Dan what your baby has been up to, and see the other parents and babies too. Private sessions available through video chat as well.
If the class you want says it’s full – please do join the waitlist and I will do all I can to let you in!

Your baby is learning so much through exploration, and you are a part of it with them! In We Grow Together’s evidence-based* classes or private sessions you’ll learn new ways to bond through playful interactions that support development of coordination, and calming. 

  • Learn to support your baby’s learning at every stage
  • Feel more calm and confident as a parent
  • Help with Tummy-time
  • Improve feeding
  • Soothing (Co-Regulation and Self-Regulation)
  • Address late milestones, torticollis, reflux, more
  • Connect to other new parents (and babies meet new babies!)

You can get started right now even if current classes have begun, by joining a current class pro-rated.
It’s never too late!

*A Vassar College research study of my classes resulted in the article. “Moving Into Tummy-Time, Together: Touch and Transitions Aid Parent Confidence and Infant Development” in The Infant Mental Health Journal in January, 2019